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Saturday, June 21, 2014



    - Powertrip Radio Returns with a Comeback, On This Special Show we are going live with an all Hitz Show....... We are looking forward for this Return, DJ ALEX is Back with a Test Show to see how Powertrip Radio Does on the Return. 


5 Star Photography/Powertrip Radio

From taking pictures this year to working on a school as an assistant second grade Teacher I can't complained. This year everything been good so far, also got to see Miguelito again this year who I work for everything been good so far. Powertrip Radio returns July 5th another good thing happening, Baseball has been good this year more people than last year coming to 5 Star Photography so yeah is been good for now this year....... One of my next stop will be La Feria this year is going down.......

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


    - Powertrip Radio planning to have a show call "Completamente Hitz" Saturday June 28, we will give you more details about this show. The plans for this show is that if the show does well on listener's than I will bring back the Radio on a full time Schedule once again.

Here on Powertrip Radio we try to make our best and always give u listeners 100% of the music you want to listen, we play u anything u want and it don't matter what type of music it is, that's just us.

Powertrip Radio had to stop for personal reason and listeners always write to us on when we are coming back, we do listen to all our true listeners and we have to bring this back for u guys.

We been working with bigger Artist even working which for me is the face of Powertrip Radio and I'm talking about MiguelitoMTO, this is big and we will keep working hard to make this a better Radio.......

We go Radio Shout out from some of the best and that include Miguelito, and this is stuff that we play on our Radio for listeners to listen.

Our comeback has been on work for a while now with the help of Rosey La Jefa and we know for a fact that we both miss the Radio so why not bring it back.......

We will have more information on this return this week coming up.......

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hartford's Festival 2014

 Anthony La Makina

 Anthony La Makina

 Anthony La Makina

 Frankie Negron

 Frankie Negron

Frankie Negron

     - 5 Star Photography was on the Site of The 2014 Festival that took place June 1st we got some good shots on Anthony La Makina and also Frankie Negron all Photos taking by me Alex Mendez....... Also to let you People know Im now Also working with Anthony La Makina for Graphics and Other things that will be on the way soon.......

I Will have more on this Later On........

Sunday, June 15, 2014

5 STAR PHOTOGRAPHY's Own Alexander Infantas

    - As an Owner of 5 Star Photography we try to make our best to give people what they want. We have in 5 Star Photography people like Alexander Infantas and we have him on Mike Peter's Little League Baseball also my Nephew John Jairo Kolthoff we also have a bunch of new Upcoming Players that we had work with this past Year here with 5 Star Photography Players Like, Anthony Ortiz, Brandon Melendez, Joseph Ortiz, Jose Rodriguez, Julian Calderon, Jenice Santos, David Ramos, Luis D. Luna, Joshua Deleon, Ana Deleon, Christian Berrios and Others. We Deliver High Quality Photos for everyone out there. We Make Giant Posters For Anyone that wants Posters sizes 24x36 Low-Price, We Make Traiding Cards for all Players any Team you want them we do it..... 

Our Company we Work Hard we want what's best for you for a Low-Price, you could also check some of our work the things we do on our Official Facebook 5 Star Photography Check us Out, You want us for any event you got us, Parties, Games, Festivals and More.......

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ultimate Warrior Passes Away at 54

WWE is shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the passing of one of the most iconic WWE Superstars ever, The Ultimate Warrior.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

NEW From 5 Star Photography


- Little League Baseball is around the Corner and 5 Star Photography is promoting New Stuff for this Season. We are doing Calendar will Baseball Players on them and is not only Baseball you name it we will do it. This is a Promo Calendar of Of the Players of The Little League Baseball his name is Anthony Ortiz which this are pics from his championship game taking by us here at 5 Star Photography view more from us on our facebook.... http://www.facebook.com/5StarPhotographyCT  and for this year we have it all from Posters, Banners, Medals and Much More 5 Star Photography we Just Give you what you want.......