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Written By Powertrip Radio on Thursday, February 26, 2015 | 1:59 PM

- Big Happy Birthday Shout Out to Miguel Matias who Turns 8, Wish You The Best God Bless........

THROWBACK THURSDAY - Thursday February 26, 2015

- Tonight Powertrip Radio brings you Throwback Thursday and one show will not AIR tonight and we are talking about 16 HITZ LIVE but we still on plan for Live with Alex here tonight.

We are still trying to find a way to make our radio sound good like it was when we were streaming from ustream and going in Live from youtube is not really working out but don't worry we are still working on making this radio a better online station.

Powertrip Radio Live Tonight

Written By Powertrip Radio on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 | 11:12 AM

- For the first time ever Powertrip Radio returns to live streaming in a New Way, not planing to get hacked this is gonna go down here on out Official Site also for the first time we are going live on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and YOUTUBE LIVEEEEEE this is going down as History here for Powertrip Radio.
-  16 HITZ will be Live giving you the Top hits from now from 5 to 6pm

- Powertrip Radio continues Live as Live with Alex will continue right after 16 HITZ with more and more music for 2 Hours straight....


Written By Powertrip Radio on Friday, February 20, 2015 | 9:10 AM

- As you may know Powertrip Radio was Hacked during Live Broadcasting by Some Looooooseeeerrrrr, But that's not stopping us from making more and more shows for you Listeners out there. Powertrip Radio is a place for Entertainment, Is a place were you come in Relax and listen to some of the best Music from the Past and Present, Why it had to Happen on #ThrowbackThursday why us. WE GOT NEWS FOR THEM....

- Powertrip Radio Hacked or No Hacked we are still gonna give you Throwback Thursday but it will take Place Tomorrow as Throwback Saturday. People we I Have in Mind It's gonna be a Must Listen Thursday Show Liveeee on Powertrip Radio this is gonna be SICK.

- We will have a blast doing this Show Tomorrow LIVE WITH ALEX Throwback Saturday It's gonna be a Must Listen SHOW I PROMISE.......


Written By Powertrip Radio on Friday, February 13, 2015 | 8:46 PM

- Powertrip Radio Today give Shout Out 2 Ivan Suarez a Student from My Class who will NOT be coming Back after today, he was an AWESOME student and he will be Miss. Ivan Suarez this is MR. Alex I'm Writting This as Myself and not as the Radio Host, you are an Awesome Student, what you are going thru No KID should go thru that, I Could imagine what you were going thru going from School to School (Over 10 In Total), I think that seeing you walk in at the End of the Day Crying was NOT the way I Wanted to see you, In the 5 Month that you were in that School it was Fun and I was Glad to be One of Your Teachers, Thank You for everything, Thank you For Telling me Today that you wanted to VOTE for Me For Teacher of The Year, Thank You for The Time we spent with all the Other Students in Center, Thank You Ivan, Today I Take My Time to write this on my RADIO and to also wish you the Best kiddo on your New School and new Location. I hope everything Goes well with you God Bless....... HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN......


Written By Powertrip Radio on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 | 7:50 PM

- Tomorrow Powertrip Radio Pays Tribute to The Late Whitney Houston in a One Hour Show from 6PM to 7PM come listen to some of Whitney's Hits, Be here with us Liveeeeeeeeee.......


Written By Powertrip Radio on Monday, February 9, 2015 | 4:51 PM

- Powertrip Radio almost didn't happen Today, We had Tech Problems sends Saturday Morning that had to be FIX and it did. We had to come out with something  for the Show to go on Today we work hard to get it FIX and we did.

- Today we started everything like we always do with 16 HIZT Live which 16 HITZ Live almost end up being for the First time ever in History of Powertrip Radio almost end up Being 16 HITZ Live in Videos, if you Notice on the 16 Hitz Live Tab  you can Actually click on the Link to watch the Video and that's how it was gonna be Today.

- Live with Alex still took place Tonight as always from 6 to 8PM also we have news about Live with Alex getting rename for this new 2015 Powertrip Radio TAKEOVER. Live with Alex is also about Promoting new talents and we been promoting CHOKITO, Gabriel The Urban Revelation, Jay C Cartier and also Tatyana D'Voce we are all about Promos and we make the best to get you where you suppose to be.